Our Men’s Group is by Design

Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”


At Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, our men are called to make a mark, both in our church fellowship and in our community.  In order to fulfill this calling, we must rise up in courage and faith, spur one another on, and link arms for the mission to which we have been called.


Our Iron Man Cycle of Impact involves Reaching, Growing, Serving and Sending. God’s Kingdom is always expanding. For us to reach more men, we must always be active in expanding our groups.  It really is a never-ending cycle.


We believe that God wants us to grow deeper in faith and grow up in Him. Growth is a process that takes time and happens within our community. We must invest ourselves in time with the Lord and with others.


Greatness in the Kingdom of God comes through serving.  If we truly want to become like Jesus, we need to invest our hearts, our minds and our bodies.  As we learn to serve, we become doers of the Word that we hear. As we serve others in humility, God will lift us up with greater responsibilities.


Finally, as we have been sent into the world, our focus must turn outward. We must train others in the word and in deed.  That’s called discipleship. As we have been sent, so we send others into Cane Ridge, Antioch, Smyrna, Nashville…and beyond.


Men’s Group Activities

At Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, we look for opportunities to get our men connected. We do this through a variety of events.


Men’s Small Groups

We recognize that men have a need for strong relationships with other men. Friendships often form from these times together. Men have a need for advice from other men on how to tackle the tough issues of life.

How do we live as Christian men in a world of addictions, joblessness, crime, divorce, illness, accidents, and the death of our loved ones? Men want to know how to confront these daily challenges and deal with them.


Young men need strong male role models and mentors to live with integrity, compassion, honesty, and a positive attitude. Playing sports is an excellent way to bring men together to keep in shape and to gain new Christian friends at the same time.


Every man can find a place to grow at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. Here men can both minister and be ministered to. Something powerful happens when a team of four to six like-minded men agree to meet two to four times a month.


These meetings provide a growing relationship with other men; men who want to make sure their “talk” and their “walk” match. This is the place where men help each other set goals to grow, serve and reach others while keeping each other accountable to reach those goals.


One of our core values driving the men’s ministry is to provide a nurturing place to develop male spiritual leadership. Call Jack Fields at (615) 796-5438 or Don Noes at (615) 400-7800 to help connect with one of our several small groups.


Men’s Prayer Breakfasts

Connect every other month with our men as we share a home-cooked breakfast.  We’ll also spend time exploring God’s Word and praying for each other and our community. It’s a great way to meet new faces and connect with others.


Iron Men Challenges

Four to five times a year, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship will host an Iron Man Challenge. These involve a variety of activities, such as a cookout, volleyball and cornhole activities, worship, and a closing spiritual challenge from one of our guest speakers. Our challenges feed the body, mind and spirit!


Iron Men Workdays

Men also have a need to contribute; not just attend church and worship. One vital element of serving is to participate in one of our quarterly Iron Men Workdays. Use your skills and your gifts by engaging in one of the many projects around our facility.